About Aster App


requirements depend on the number of workstation you need

Minimal :

CPU: 2Core at least


128GB SSD (For Performance)


OS Compatibility

Aster Works With All Version Of Windows


Does Aster Work With Virtual Machine?

The answer is NO

Cuse Aster is a different vdi solution

Aster shares a physical system for users and makes a dedicated experience for each user.

Does Aster Support Other OS?

NO, Aster Made For Windows System.

Is it available in my country?

Aster Made With <3 For All User In All Country

Setting Up

How To Install Aster?

For work with Aster, we create a guide page you can find it at :


How to Resist internet access for users?

You can use IP virtualization in :


How to use onboard graphic card with second card in same time?

You should enable this feature in bios depend on mainboard manufacture this setting was different so you can find it on the mainboard brochure or guide in the official manufacture site.

How to use free trial ?

Check internet connection, on Aster Startup click on the free trial, hooray

you can use Aster for 30 days


How Many Times Can Use license?

You Can use your license how many times you want until your CPU an hard disk didn’t make changes.

When My license Arrived?

Your license Recive within 48 Hours After Sussecful payment.

( usually, 8 Hours take long )

How do I cancel my license?

After You Received your license in 24 Hours You Can Cancel license by Rahaco license Refunds Policy.

After 24 Hours license will set.