Comprar o ASTER online

We strongly recommend before purchasing download and test the 30-day trial of the ASTER.

ASTER has different types of license:

  • ASTER Pro: Lifetime license for 2, 6 users – quantity of workplaces may be expanded by ASTER Pro-1 license.
  • ASTER Pro-1: Lifetime license for 1 additional user – expansion for ASTER Pro- 2/6 license (doesn’t work themselves!).
  • ASTER Home: 1-year subscription for 2 users only (non expandable, non portable).

In the ASTER Pro-2 and ASTER Pro-6 versions, you can add the required number of additional workstations at any time (but the total number is no more than 12) using the ASTER Pro-1, Pro-2 or Pro-6 license. Read more.

Before purchase the ASTER, recommend that you read terms of licensing and upgrading

You can buy Aster from our dealers or via Avangate online:

Pro - 6

$64(up to 6 users, MS Windows 7/8/10, lifetime license)

Pro - 2

$29(2 users, MS Windows 7/8/10, lifetime license)

Pro - 1

$14(1 additional workplace for versions Pro for 2/6 users , MS Windows 7/8/10, lifetime license)


$7(2 users only, MS Windows 7/8/10, 1-year license, non expandable, non portable)

Windows XP (2.5)

$4(2 users, Windows Xp, lifetime license)