Workstations offices and post offices

Many institutions and companies make use of an electronic document turnover, so computers are an integral component of their equipment. However, modern computers feature a far greater capacity than that required for office applications.

If compared to using separate computers, ASTER ensures a better value (price/quality relation) and can be recommended for office units, banks, and post offices.

Banks, offices, and post offices

one computer for office

Figure 1. Example of ASTER 4 in 1 application to computerize office workers’ stations

Advantages of ASTER application for computerization

  • You can reduce costs of equipping workstations for employees. One system unit can provide up to six clerks with independent computer stations.
  • You do not need to fit the local network. All common resources and devices are automatically accessible from each station.
  • Electric power is saved thanks to the reduction of the functioning equipment quantity.
  • A faster and less costly modernization. In fact, you will need to upgrade only one computer.
  • Less space is needed for the stations. This is a plus for premises with a small area.
  • Different ASTER editions can be used to assure optimal productivity of the stations. At the moment we offer versions for 2,3,4,5 and 6 workstations on the basis of one system unit.